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Lockdown Lifehacks

We are 46 days in and it seems like we are not getting any better at this.

Yes, it is hard to be a full time remote-whatever, housekeeper, gardener, chef, teacher, wife and mother. Yes, we are all struggling. Eating too much and exercising too little. Yes, your children and husband probably do need a few good hidings.

But in the end wine tastes just as good out of a measuring jug.Children are resilient and will recover from your Super Saiyan 5 freak-outs.Husbands have a lot of grace because they expect the same and once this situation comes to an end there are going to be days when you miss all the things you are complaining about now.

So take it all in.

Eat that 15th doughnut

Drink the stale wine (add sprite - tip from a friend😉)

Wear your ugly sweatpants.

Play with your kids

Love your husband

Everything is going to be just fine. Even without you controlling every little detail...

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