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Like most people who live in the 21st century. I have a profile on many different social networking sites. And like many teachers and mothers. I belong to many groups dedicated to these specific roles.

There are many questions on everyone's lips at the moment. A resounding, confused and anxious cry for clarification.

How will school even work when children can go to school but not physically engage with their teachers or classmates?

How will school work if teachers can teach their students but not touch their books and worksheets to mark assessments?

How will school work if students are free to play with their friends as long as they do not come withing 1.5 m of each other or play on the same jungle gym?

The proposed answers are varied and most of them involve so much sanitizer that teachers and students better not get pulled over and asked to blow after a "normal" school day.

The fact of the matter is no matter how optimistic you are LIFE HAS CHANGED.


We need to find new ways of engaging our students. We need to teach them new ways to socialise and play with each other. We need to look at new ways to promote physical activity.

I read a Hebrew proverb today that struck me deeply:

"Don't confine your children to your learning. They were born in another time."

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